Manuscript Guidelines

The press requires an electronic version of the manuscript that can be read in Microsoft Word. Please do not submit in any other word processing application (e.g. Adobe PDF or Pages). Manuscripts must be double-spaced (including indented quotations, epigraphs, captions, notes, and bibliography), with one-inch margins.

  • Do not attempt to “design” your manuscript. In order to import word processing documents into page layout programs, the manuscript must be as clean and straightforward as possible.
    • Do not use special formatting—justification and proportional letter spacing for example.
    • First line of first paragraph of a chapter is flush left, subsequent paragraphs are indented using the tab key.
  • Do not double space between sentences or after a colon.
  • Do not use embedded footnotes or on-page footnotes. Instead, group all endnotes by chapter in a separate notes manuscript and superscript the note number in text.

If your project includes any kind of illustrations—photos, artwork, tables, figures, etc.—be sure to follow our Illustration Guidelines.


The index is the author’s responsibility; some may want to hire a professional indexer, while others may wish to organize the index themselves. TCU Press works with a highly qualified indexer and would be happy to arrange for a professional index for your work.